The Devils Bride

The Devil’s Bride

Date: Sunday 21 October 2018
Location: Civic Theatre
Time: 7.30pm
Produced by: Rumpus Theatre Company
Price: Full £15 Concessions £13

Based on the chilling story by classic Victorian Gothic horror author Sheridan Le Fanu.

Aspiring 17th Century painter Godfried Schalken seeks an apprenticeship with famous artist Gerard Douw, and falls in love with Douw’s niece Rose. But Douw achieved his fame by making a pact with the Devil, and when Gerard attempts to wed Rose, his evil rival returns to claim his wicked prize.

Last Autumn’s production of “THE RED ROOM” was “captivating” (British Theatre Guide) and recommended “to anyone who enjoys sitting on the edge of their seat” ( While “CAPTAIN MURDERER” the production before was “the most entertaining horror to hit the stage for some time delightfully despicable and fantastic run” (

This Autumn’s production “THE DEVIL’S BRIDE” is the perfect Gothic Horror treat as evenings draw in!