Vacancies & Volunteering

Community Development Officer (The Civic Theatre, Rotherham) 

Actively engage communities aiming to gain an understanding of the cultural needs of the local communities within a theatre setting.

Fee: £8,000

Minimum 40 days worked over a six month period – negotiable timescale

  1. Purpose

Rotherham Civic Theatre would like to commission a Community Development professional as part of a programme of work funded by the Cultural Recovery Fund to explore possibilities in reshaping the theatre offer in terms of artistic programming, audience development and outreach.

The project is designed to gather information on local communities, their current engagement with the theatre and the barriers preventing engagement.

  1. Background

The Civic Theatre operates a successful commercial model, despite being located in an area of high deprivation. There is a loyal audience base of predominantly white working-class communities which it supports through its programme of amateur performances and the annual pantomime. The ambition of the theatre is to build an innovative audience development strategy which informs its artistic programme and reaches communities of least engagement in Rotherham in particular, BAME audiences and young people.

The Theatre management team are tasked with exploring and delivering an exciting and engaging programme for the theatre that develops relationships with communities. The vision is to increase participation for children and young people, BAME communities and working class communities.

As part of the project, the theatre management team are working with guest directors to gain increased knowledge of ways to development engagement. This project is led by Rotherham Civic Theatre and aims to connect audiences to the theatre and provide opportunities for wider communities in Rotherham to engage.

  1. Brief

The key deliverables for this brief include:

  • Creative audience research and development to identify opportunities, interests and barriers from key target audiences
  • Exploration of cultural genres and tastes from across target audiences testing perceptions and potential future programming trends
  • Develop links with community performing arts venues to explore future partnership potential and creative performing arts networks
  • Completion of community engagement and audience development plan for the theatre to take forward into its next phase of development
  1. Budget & Timescales

It is anticipated that this contract will take place over a minimum of 40 days across a five-month period but this is negotiable with applicants based on their proposals.

A budget of £8,000+VAT has been allocated for this brief.

The timescale for the work is as follows:

Activity Dates
Brief promoted Friday 5th February 2021
Deadline for applications Friday 19th February 2021
Artist appointed for the brief Friday 26th February 2021
Start work & meet team

Work complete

w/c 1st March 2021

No later than July 2021

  1. Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by the project team. Your proposal should be made by email to to include the following:

  • Contact details: Name, email, phone, web, social media accounts if applicable.
  • A statement detailing: why you are interested in this opportunity, referencing relevant experience
  • Proposal: please include your proposed approach to delivering this commission including any initial ideas.
  • Two relevant case studies of your work that would support this application
  • Two Referee contact details (References will only be sought before contracting)

Rotherham Council is committed to ensuring that the opportunities it provides are open and inclusive to all. Submissions will be accepted as:

  • Word or PDF documents which should be 10MB or less and a maximum of six sides A4.
  • Filmed presentations which should be 10MB or less and a maximum of 10 minutes saved in MP4 format

Applications are particularly welcomed from young and emerging artists, artists from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, or artists with disabilities. Should you require any further assistance with your proposal please contact us on the details above.

  1. Further Information

 For all enquiries please contact

Jo Longworth – Manager – Rotherham Theatres

01709 823641


Front of House Stewards

Be the face of Rotherham Theatres. As an usher you are at the heart of The Civic, helping create a unique experience for our audiences and ensuring the smooth running of our productions.

Volunteers receive training, free tea and coffee and are able to watch some of the shows as long as they are aware of the needs of the audience during the show.

All volunteers are invited to the launch of the pantomime with a drink in the bar after the performance and chance to meet the cast.

If you want to know more about volunteering at the Civic Theatre please contact Julie Ogden on 01709 823641 or email